Our Services

General Repairs

We offer general repairs to our customers directly or as part of our internal network of licensed construction experts.

Home Maintenance

Home Maintenance is our specialty and is where our decades of expertise resides.

Home Services

Weed Services

Walk property two times per month. Walk Walkways, Patio Decks, Pool Decks and Driveways. If weeds are noticed, spray weeds to kill them, and remove them.

Algae & Mold Services

Spray algaecide and remove/clean areas.

Bug Wand Services

Walk home as above. Remove all bugs, nests, spider webs, around doorways, ceilings, windows and screen enclosures.

Window Cleaning & Maintenance Services

Clean exterior side of windows twice yearly up to 2 stories.

Total Maintenance Services

Exterior Lighting Services

Walk home twice a month, and change any light bulbs that are out on coach lights, lanais, and yard lights. (Note: Landscaping lights are included)

Wateroofing & Sealing

Seal driveways, patio decks, pool decks, and walkways with a Solvent Based Sealer. This consists of power washing surface. Letting it dry thoroughly, and then rolling two coats of sealer on the surface.

Gutter Services

Walk home once per year and remove all debris from gutters and downspouts.

Rat Baiting Services

Walk home twice a month and check baits, and replace baits as needed.

Power Washing Services

Power Wash walkways, patio decks, pool decks, driveways and exterior of home once per year. (Note: typically after rainy season)

Interior Home Services

Changing light bulbs, cabinet knobs, squeaky doors, installing hardware, cleaning windows, picking up large items and delivering, garage storage, etc.

Home Services Packages

People pay for landscape service, and pool service, but nothing for the rest of their home. Curb Appeal Home Services offers a monthly service, and for those who are “snowbirds”, from other parts of the country who come down for the winter, we make sure it is all ready for you when you and your family arrive.

Patio & Party Services

We maintain and offer Putting together of BBQ grills, and patio furniture so that all you and your party has to do is come and enjoy the festivities..

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