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Home Services Naples offers the best in service, best in reliability, and the best in customer satisfaction. Taking care of the finest homes and commercial properties in Naples and Northern Florida. We care for year round residents of Naples with their home related services to ensure that they maintain safety and value in their home. We also care for our clients homes that are not fortunate enough to have their owners year round from as far away north as Boston, New York, and even New England.

Home Services

All of the services that you need for your home inside and out.

Bug Wand Services

Bugs, they love your home. They love all the corners, small crevices, lights, and ceilings around your home. They leave a mess around your home, and it’s embarrassing. Sweep one away and there back in a few days. We wand and clean all areas; windows, ceilings, lights, windows and more.

Walk home as above. Remove all bugs, nests, spider webs, around doorways, ceilings, windows and screen enclosures.

Window Cleaning Service

Here in Florida, many factors result in windows and sliders that do not look clean. Rain, wind, birds, and of course, the family dog.  Our service makes sure that your windows stay clean, which protects them from scratches, both on the glass and the frames, and enhances the beauty of your home.

Clean exterior side of windows twice yearly up to 2 stories.

Exterior Lightbulb Service

Walk home twice a month, and change any light bulbs that are out on coach lights, lanais, and yard lights. (Note: Landscaping lights are included)

Gutter Service

With all the heavy rains, it’s important that your gutters work efficiently. Dry season can leave leaves and debris in the gutters, clogging up the downspouts and causing excessive water run off. This leads to several problems not just for you and your home, but for your neighbors as well. Some of these can be standing water, mold, mosquitos and rodents due to excessive moisture. Cleaning the gutters and downspouts can relieve these problems.

Walk home once per year and remove all debris from gutters and downspouts.

Hurricane Preparation

Living in Florida we are all aware of Hurricanes. Recently, Irma took its toll on this area, and we are still feeling the effects. With over 30 yrs of preparing for hurricanes, we are your one stop for peace of mind when it comes to your investment. Rest assured that your windows and doors will be protected, furniture and/or loose items around your home will be carefully put in a protected area. MOST IMPORTANTLY: You now have someone who you can count on to make sure that you are notified immediately after the hurricane passes. You will receive updates, and pictures right away of your home. In the case of any unforeseen damage, you now have the ability to contact your insurance agent, get them the pictures, have any repairs taken care of quickly, and have someone to help with the process. Let us help care for your life’s investment.

Concierge Services

From time to time, you need help with the small things or the big things. Let us help you with these:

    • Furniture Delivery: We will pick up and deliver items and set them up in your home.
    • Installation: We put together grills, furniture or other items that may need to be put together
    • Party Set Up: Many times, that extra hand is nice to have when setting up tables, moving furniture or carrying the heavy things. Let us help you make your next event a success.
    • Garage Storage: Everyone likes a little extra storage. Let us help you make the room you need.
    • Lawn Mowing/Edging: We can mow your lawn, and edge your lawn and make sure your home looks complete.
Home Watch Services

Leaving your home can be stressful, especially not knowing what could happen when your gone. Getting a neighbor or friend can help, but having a professional can help take some of the stress away. With over 30 years in the industry, we know what matters most, and that is peace of mind and coming home to a beautiful home so you can maintain your lifestyle. We make sure that your home is protected, safe and secure. Ask for an in-home consultation to discuss not only what we can provide, but what’s most important to you.

Interior Solutions

When you’re in your home, things don’t go as planned all the time, whether that’s a new home or a home you have lived in awhile. Curb Appeal has the solution. Here is a list of what we can do for you:

    • Lightbulbs
    • AC Filters
    • Batteries: Smoke Detectors
    • Squeaky Doors
    • Loose Handles
    • Adjust Sliders
    • Clean Windows
    • Adjust Cabinet Doors
    • Install Hardware
    • Small Repairs
    • Running Toilets
    • Remove Junk Items
    • Small Demo Items

Home Services

All of the services that you need for your home inside and out.

Rat Baiting Service

The last thing any homeowner wants to live with or see is RATS! Unfortunately, it is something that is a part of this area. Common solutions are expensive pest control services. Great for roaches, but what about the outside of your home. Rats want to be warm, this is why they like to make their homes in AC Condenser units, Pool Heaters, Around Dryer Vents, and who doesn’t enjoy the holes in the pool screens, so they can get near the BBQ Grill, or cabinets. With our service, we know where they like to live, and can leave you with peace of mind that they will not want to be around.

Walk home twice a month and check baits, and replace baits as needed.

Power Washing Service

From time to time, your hardscape areas need to be cleaned. Just like the inside of your home, the outside surfaces need to be deep cleaned as well. We take pride in the finished product, and our service doesn’t leave water streaks or uncleaned surfaces, as well as the protection of your personal belongings. We thoroughly treat the area with a eco-friendly solution that leaves surfaces deep cleaned and sparkling. And don’t forget about your house as well. It gets dirty also, and our “HOME WASH” is a great way to make your home shine and protect the paint and surfaces so they last longer.  

Power Wash walkways, patio decks, pool decks, driveways and exterior of home once per year. (Note: typically after rainy season)

Interior Options

Lighting enhances the beauty of your home, and above all provides safety. Wind, rain, and heat take their toll on lightbulbs. You take the time to pick out the perfect lighting to accentuate your home, and you want it to look it’s best. Now you can. Our lightbulb exchange service makes sure that your lighting is always on and bright, and makes sure that your lights are cleaned inside and out.

Changing light bulbs, cabinet knobs, squeaky doors, installing hardware, cleaning windows, picking up large items and delivering, garage storage, etc.

Package Services

People pay for landscape service, and pool service, but nothing for the rest of their home. Curb Appeal Home Services offers a monthly service, and for those who are “snowbirds”, from other parts of the country who come down for the winter, we make sure it is all ready for you when you and your family arrive.

Sealer Services

One way to protect the look of your hardscape surfaces is by applying a sealer. These surfaces are porous, and they can trap water which leads to a dull looking surface and the potential for mold. By applying a solvent based sealer, you can add to the the beauty and protection of your surfaces. You can choose from the sheen that fits your needs; wet look, glossy, matte, and others. NOTE: Curb Appeal does not use water based sealers or use sprayers to apply sealer. ALL pool decks are anti slip.

Seal driveways, patio decks, pool decks, and walkways with a Solvent Based Sealer. This consists of power washing surface. Letting it dry thoroughly, and then rolling two coats of sealer on the surface.

Patio & Party Services

We maintain and offer Putting together of BBQ grills, and patio furniture so that all you and your party has to do is come and enjoy the festivities..

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Many military service members leaving the military have a hard time transitioning into civilian life. Not only are they faced with the challenges of their visible and unseen injuries they are also overwhelmed with trying to navigate their way into the civilian workforce and can experience financial difficulties when trying to provide for themselves and their families. Wounded Veterans Relief Fund exists to provide emergency financial support to qualified disabled post 9/11 veterans. Saving lives and keeping families together is our mission.


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